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Abells Starts a Tooth Fairy School - Book

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After the world's first tooth fairy, Abella, returns to Tulip Hollow with the first pearly white tooth, all the fairies were frantic to have one. Overwhelmed by her friends' requests, Abella realized she must start a tooth fairy school.

Follow along on this roller-coaster adventure as Abella and her best friend Darcie overcome difficult situations on their first day as professional tooth fairies. In true form, the little fairies show bravery and confidence as they overcome the challenges. 

Abella Starts A Tooth Fairy School, is an exciting book about taking charge and solving problems!

"Few write children's stories with such magical aplomb, such genuine appreciation for a child's depth of imagination, zest for fantasy and love of adventure as Zane Carruth." - Thomas J. Madden, Author of Spin Man, King of the Condo and Love Boat 78

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